birdinthefamily tagged me for the 6 selfies thing. i haven’t really been into my face for a minute so these are mostly old. the last one is from this morning. i keep getting ipsy bags but not using anything because it’s either stuff that’s so expensive i want to save it (for ????) or i don’t know how to use it or it’s just not practical. i know, i know, make-up doesn’t have to be practical. i don’t like to be noticed for how i look though, plus working with kids makes it hard for me to go in with, like, blue eyeliner. i should cancel my ipsy subscription but it’s like monthly validation. (of ?????)

six people, who maybe have done it, but i haven’t been using anything but mobile for a week or so, so—

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i cannot believe u r real 

this is a person that i know
that i have met

Rebloggin again because char is otherworldly

OH MY GOSH everyone is so nice and lovely i’m crying i love everyone